Thursday, August 7, 2008

goonies never say die

I am staying in a condo on the coast of Oregon for my sisters wedding (which is tomorrow!), directly across from this scene. It is so beautiful. The Goonies was filmed here, enough said. Last night my sister Jen and I sat out on the beach until 4am, around a small fire, feeling the cool mist linger on our skin, and listening to the waves crash down out there in the darkness in between conversations. I've never seen anything like this place... and I do not have a good enough vocabulary to do it justice, so I will not attempt it. Perhaps when things wind down I will write more about this wonderful getaway. In the meantime, a simple list of current pleasures:

1. The city of Portland
2. The coast outside of Portland
3. The way my sis Danielle makes me laugh until I cry
4. The Eddie Vedder solo show bootleg I downloaded
5. My little niece Harper

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Nubian said...

I love Astoria. We live in Corvallis ~OSU Town~ a 50 minute drive to Newport, Depoe Bay etc etc.