Monday, February 8, 2010

thoughts on lost

If you don't watch lost, I apologize for this ramble. If you do but are not caught up, I suggest you stop reading now. If you do and are caught up, feel free to reply with your own theories.

So this is what I think is going on based on the season premiere. This all seemed kind of obvious to me, but the people I have spoken to about it seem to disagree with me. At first I was thinking that there are two separate planes of reality happening at the same time. But that doesn't really make any sense. Especially since Desmond was on the plane, and if Desmond was on the plane (did you notice his wedding ring, by the way?), he was never on the island to blow up the hatch. They never identified the flight to LAX as flight 815, nor did they establish any direct timeline. We're not even sure Claire is still pregnant since we only saw her from the shoulders up. Similarly, Kate never tried to get the toy plane out of the Marshall's case, so for all we know this flight could have taken place 5 years after the original 815 flight. BUT... i don't think that is likely either. I think that what we are actually seeing is how everything is going to end up. I think that by the end of the season, the on-island Jack is going to change something, something bigger than just the hatch. Something that causes the island to sink. And reverts everything much further back in history than the day of the crash. So that all throughout this season we will be seeing what happens to our beloved cast members in the end through all the off-island sequences. I think Jack is going to fix Locke, Charlie and Claire are going to fall in love somehow, Sawyer and Juliet are going to meet in LA (which is what all that "let's get a cup of coffee" stuff was all about - she was living in the changed "present" in her final moments), Sayid will find Nadia, maybe Kate will die (fingers crossed), you know, everything that you wanted for the characters in the first few seasons will play themselves out over this final one. While at the same time we'll be seeing the destruction of the island. "It only ends once, everything up till then is just progress."

As for what the hell is going on with Jacob, the nemesis (or man in black, faux Locke, whatever the hell you want to call him), Richard, and Ben... I have no idea. But I'm actually kind of leaning toward the fact that the man in black is actually the "good" guy. Something about that line at the end "I'm very disappointed in all of you." just sounded like something a forgotten god figure would say.

But really, who the hell knows.