Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my itunes is pretty

I've finally finished the great itunes reorganization. Since the majority of my library came from imported CD's rather than from the itunes store, I spent hours and hours back in 2003 downloading and/or scanning images and importing them into the files. Yes, I know, I'm a dork. A few years later when itunes first offered the option to "get album artwork" I tried it out, since there were still several files without artwork. But the stupid thing switched out many of my already existing album artworks with incorrect ones. Everything was all F'd up. I was pissed. At any rate, I just finished fixing this problem, at the same time fixing inconsistencies in Genre and those pesky compilation albums where you need seperate fields for Artist and Album Artist for optimal organization. Again, yes, I know I'm a dork. Now I can use the Grid view and not be annoyed by the gaps in images.

I can't seem to post an image, because it's too large, but trust me, its a sight to behold.

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I've Got Nothing to Do Today but Smile said...

Oh my god that post stressed me out. I am terrible with computers, or just technology in general. I had this really awesome cell phone which included a computer in it, but it was so hard I switched to a phone from seven years ago... The only thing I miss now is speakerphone. Anyway. Good job on making your itunes pretty, I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel. I just watched a two hour documentry on Joni, she makes my heart sing. 8tracks will be made once I figure out how to use it.