Tuesday, March 2, 2010

take whatever you think of, while i go gas up the truck

(I don't write poetry; i wish i could. but after writing this i felt the need to place inappropriate line breaks and parenthesis... i guess that's kind of a poem)

i spent a little bit of time this evening
playing really sad songs for a friend,
for reasons that will go unmentioned.
i spent a lot of time tonight
listening to other friends' heartbreak.
and between the two circumstances which met
somewhere in the middle
(not always romantic love
and sometimes godly love)
i was at a loss for words.

and i could only murmur:
it's really all that matters.

i often wish you knew how much it meant to me.
sometimes i think you might.
most of the time i know it doesn't mean that much to you

(i mean just the way that you smile
and everything that it does to me)

(and here's one of the aforementioned songs...)


I've Got Nothing to Do Today but Smile said...

you are my buddy! i love the avett brothers, and i am digging your poem. parenthesis' and all.

I've Got Nothing to Do Today but Smile said...

aw shucks! thanks for brightening my rainy day.

mormon girl said...

Random reading blogger stuff, and saw your words/poem. Just wanted to say, it had feelings in it, thats what makes it a poem :)
It was pretty :)