Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sort of pointless entry

Let me just say that Tuesdays come and go far too quickly. Tuesdays have been my only day off for the past few months, the other six days consisting of at least 12 hour shifts, and let me tell you, one day off a week is not enough to do all the things you want to do. The first half of my day sucked, because it's also the first of September (crazy) which meant bill paying time, which meant hair pulling time, which meant insatiable need to get in the car and drive time. Which is precisely what I did... after fixing my car (I thought it was broken badly, and it was a huge relief to only need a jump). I drove to Albany to go see 500 Days of Summer, which was really good. I've always loved the combination of driving and listening to music... sometimes to a fault because I often would rather just listen than talk when in the presence of company, which seems rude, I know, I know, sue me... but this combination has become especially poignant since it really is the only time I am able to listen to music because of my work schedule (aside from Billy Joel's NY State of Mind that plays every day after the last race. I used to love that song, now I feel like vomiting every time I hear it). Now I feel like a drug addict getting a fix whenever the windows go down and the volume goes up.

So anyway, 500 Days of Summer was great. Though (spoiler alert), I really did want things to work out between them, probably because I identified with Tom so much (if I met a beautiful girl in an elevator who said she loved The Smiths I'd be done for too). It's also possible I don't like the idea that you can love so much about a certain person and not be "right" about them... Eh. But the thing with the girl at the end, her name being Autumn, was clever enough to make everything alright. And the coming attractions were awesome... aside from the one for Gamer, which looks like Michael Bay throwing up... the rest looked amazing though... check it:

I started out this post with ambitions of writing something meaningful, but I've lost it. I'll leave you with this, which is probably nearer to something I wanted to say, my favorite short in Paris, Je Taime - in honor of the little french film scene in 500 Days of Summer, which might have been my favorite part, and also in honor of the upcoming New York, I Love You, which I'm kind of worried will fail miserably in comparison to it's french counterpart.

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Emily said...

I saw Paper Heart last week. I really enjoyed it.