Sunday, September 6, 2009

mr. t poetry

Today, my brother-in-law invited me to a facebook group he created - Mr. T Poetry.

I don't know where he comes up with this stuff, but it cracks me up.

His contributions:

Mr.T, Mr.T
why me Mr. T
is this some sort of conspiracy?
Mr.T are those kittens free cus
I'm so hungry Mr.T
Mr.T, Mr.T
grab a forty will watch you on T.V.
MrT. could you defeat Bruce Lee without the use of heavy machinery? Mr.T
Mr.T, Mr.T
I bet that you could beat up gravity
Mr.T you should have been in E.T.
Mr.T with your mohawk and goatee
Mr.T it's fools that you pity Mr.T

When I joined in I was under the impression we were making up poems that might have been written by Mr. T himself, so here's my contributions:

by Mr. T

pity the fool

commiseration for the cretin
sorrow for the sap
empathy for the empty-headed

but can I
can I not

also love?
by Mr. T

the weight around my neck
the weight on my soul

it glimmers in the sun

and all you better quit your jibber-jabber
by Mr. T

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars."
- Walt Whitman

Shut up, fool.
I'm gonna bust you up Whitman!

I could probably spend hours doing this.


c. said...

haha. "I'm gonna bust you up Whitman!" That's great.

laurialigns said...

I laughed so much over these. Awesome and hilarious idea.