Wednesday, April 14, 2010

fair and balanced my ass

For the past month or so I've kept my car radio tuned to the Fox News Radio Station because I wanted to hear some things "from the horse's mouth" so to speak. I wanted to get some insight into the voices of the mainstream republican party. And, honestly, I was hoping to hear something that would create a picture somehow different than the one I've had in my head through reading and watching left-ish oriented news sources.

And after over a month I have come to this conclusion: I genuinely feel bad for level-headed republicans if they have to endure the ravings of these fucking lunatics on a regular basis.

It's almost comical that this sort of thing passes for news. But mostly it's horrifying because millions of people listen to these personalities and believe their incomprehensible bullshit. It'd be unfair to say it's all bullshit, but even 90% is being generous.

That's all.


David A. Rollins said...

Two points.
Foul language will never endear you to the massses. A person who uses such language to express his thoughts not only shows a lack of respect for the reader, but a lack of alternative vocabulary as well. My suggestion is buy a thesaurus.
Second, your argument would have carried much more weight had you offered some examples of what you were talking about and backed them up with facts. Rambling incoherently for the sake of rambling is not argument, it's just rambling.
I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Good luck on your blog.
David A. Rollins

Steve Mitchell said...

Thank you for your suggestions David A. Rollins.

Two points.

1. I have a thesaurus and an alternative vocabulary, and am not trying to be endearing to the masses. Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, or, in this case, a fucking lunatic a fucking lunatic.

2. I wasn't making an argument. I was, in fact, rambling.

adminDibZ said...

nice arguments bro XD

Anonymous said...

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Ansmellica said...

language is a tool. swear words and informalities should not always be interpreted as laziness or ignorance. i appreciate your "fuck"s and "ass"es.

joven said...
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Josh Brown said...

David, this is a fucking blog. Steve isn't trying to reach the masses. He's posting his thoughts and feelings on his own personal, fucking blog. Blogs are for rambling and for sharing your opinions, bullshit, and thoughts. It's a fucking blog.

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