Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm just a little person, and you're the one i like the best

Upon my third viewing, which took place this afternoon, I've decided that I have a new favorite film. I've considered Magnolia my favorite film for a very, very long time, but it was bumped today. I've given this a lot of thought, because I take these things very seriously, so this is a big deal. Hence the blog about it.

The first time I saw it I was overwhelmed, and confused, but entirely moved. It was... startling... I guess, something more, really. I'm still piecing it all together, but there is beauty there... so much beauty.

This is a quote, which should be a poem, so I have broken it up as one.

"What was once before you - an exciting, mysterious future -
is now behind you.
Lived; understood; disappointing.
You realize you are not special.
You have struggled into existence, and are now slipping silently out of it.
This is everyone's experience.

Every single one.

The specifics hardly matter.
Everyone's everyone. So you are Adele, Hazel, Claire, Olive.

You are Ellen.

All her meager sadnesses are yours;
all her loneliness;
the gray, straw-like hair;
her red raw hands.
It's yours.
It is time for you to understand this.


As the people who adore you stop adoring you;
as they die; as they move on;
as you shed them; as you shed your beauty;
your youth; as the world forgets you;
as you recognize your transience;
as you begin to lose your characteristics one by one;
as you learn there is no-one watching you, and there never was,
you think only about driving - not coming from any place;
not arriving any place. Just driving,
counting off time.

Now you are here, at 7:43.
Now you are here, at 7:44.
Now you are...


Chris said...

Wow. That's one of the most powerful things I've ever read. I resonate with it so very much! Now I've got to see that movie.

"I got mad love for you, girl." said...

I really wish I had seen this with you.

katie said...

I'm glad you've found something new to love :) it'll have to go on my list.

c. said...

It is a remarkable movie. So poetic.

I've never regretted watching it.

Chateau of a Doubt said...

I had planned on seeing this movie but it only played at the Spectrum for maybe a week. Also, as you are aware, I highly value your movie opinions. Therefore, this validation holds much more currency than coming from anyone else. I've told others that they apparently should see it also.

Chris said...

Hey. I'm in town for a few days. Want to get together and watch Schenectady, NY?