Thursday, October 30, 2008

tobias is queen mary

I'm pretty bummed that I have to work on Halloween this year. It's one of my favorite holidays. Everyone is silly, and generally in good spirits, and I love that. At least we get to dress up for work. But since it's work I really haven't given much thought to what I'm going to dress up as. My costume last year was my favorite ever, although not very many people understood what I was... but those who did understood all to well (I was getting high-fives all night long from those who did, and many of you know how much I love those). The best part was that it only cost me like $10 - A bald cap, a fake mustache, cut-offs, and some makeup for fake body hair and bingo, Tobias Funke: the first ever Analyst and Therapist aka Analrapist (it didn't look good on paper) and of course loud and proud nevernude (there are dozens of us. Dozens!)

The only downside to that costume was that I was freezing all night. It was worth it though.

Also, I have been listening to the Fleet Foxes album all week, and its incredible. If you haven't heard it, I highly recommend that you check it out.

And here's a random poem, just because.
"Lie still now
while I prepare for my future,

certain hard days ahead,
when I'll need what I know so clearly this moment.

I am making use
of the one thing I learned
of all the things my father tried to teach me:
the art of memory.

I am letting this room
and everything in it
stand for my ideas about love
and its difficulties.

I'll let your love-cries,
those spacious notes
of a moment ago,
stand for distance.

Your scent,
that scent
of spice and a wound,
I'll let stand for mystery.

Your sunken belly
is the daily cup
of milk I drank
as a boy before morning prayer.

The sun on the face
of the wall
is God, the face
I can't see, my soul,

and so on, each thing
standing for a separate idea,
and those ideas forming the constellation
of my greater idea.
And one day, when I need
to tell myself something intelligent
about love,

I'll close my eyes
and recall this room and everything in it:
My body is estrangement.
This desire, perfection.
Your closed eyes my extinction.
Now I've forgotten my
idea. The book
on the windowsill, riffled by wind...
the even-numbered pages are
the past, the odd-
numbered pages, the future.
The sun is
God, your body is milk...

useless, useless...
your cries are song, my body's not me...
no good ... my idea
has evaporated...your hair is time, your thighs are song...
it had something to do
with had something
to do with love."
-Li-Young Lee


ally said...

david cross is my dream husband.

c. said...

Li-Young Lee, one of my favorites.

Nice costume idea (Charlotte is jealousy she couldn't EVER pull it off). What did you decide to go as this year, I know you have to work, but for me, there is a certainty that if I were to dress up I would know exactly what I would dress up as.

I love Fleet Foxes, they are really incredible...

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

steve!!! now I wish I hadn't written that at all, because I don't really know how to take it back in your case to where you'd believe me..

point is. when I wrote that part about not having friends who'd go, I wasn't THINKING about it, it was just an overall statement because of the handful of people I was thinking of in my brain, you not being one of them.

if you can forgive me, we'll go see it in the theatre soon. it can be your birthday present for me combined with my sincere apology for implying you were in a category you don't belong in. :)

katie said...

You just made my week :) I seriously wish I could have seen you in that costume, though I probably wouldn't have been able to stop laughing, and might have even died from the hilarity. So maybe it's safer that I only see a picture :)

Jajancie said...

Your costume last year WAS priceless. So much fucking fun. I missed you this yeat. (Although I had a shit ton of fun lighting pumpkins on fire and drop kicking them into a lake.

Party soon. (Actually there is one of Friday at Sarah's. Plleeease come. I need some Matro in mny life._